Wholesome, Nerdy Fun

I remember way back, regular folks had their own websites. Websites about their model car collection, movies they liked, cool feathers they found on the beach, or anything else that tickled them. They could share their passion and interest without being sucked into an attention trap or getting the unsolicited feedback of every meanie on the Internet.

A lot has changed since then, and some of it for the better! For instance, I bet you've got a phone handy right now and — even if you're the last hold-out with a flip phone or a slider — I bet it can text and take pictures. That's all you need to make a really cool, really great website. Old-school, wholesome, nerdy fun at your fingertips: that's what this is about.

Getting Started

There's nothing to set up and nothing to sign up for. The first message you send creates your site.

You don't need to put in your name, email address, blood type, or any of that. There's no password. There's no passport photo. There's no DNA swab.

Making it Yours

Send messages to (517) 816-3666. You can send text or pictures or both. It only works from American and Canadian numbers right now, but I hope to expand.

Whatever you send is added to the top of your site. If you make a mistake, send /delete and your most recent message will be deleted.

The service knows what site to add your message to by the phone number it comes from, so only the messages you send from your phone number will go on your site.


When you send a message to add to your site, you'll get a confirmation message right back. It will include a link to your site.

Share that link with your friends, family, Internet chums, and friendly cats. They can bookmark it in their web browser — maybe even put it in their favorites — and check in on you when they have the time.

How About Some Examples?

Here's a couple of folks who have agreed to have their sites linked to here for all to see:

Help Me Help You

This started out as a fun weekend project. I'm delighted that other folks are enjoying it. If you run into any trouble or if you have a great idea, please drop me a line at the address below. I love hearing from folks who use my stuff and I particularly enjoy getting feedback on this project because I think we've got the seed of something delightful here and maybe together we can make it grow.

If you're having a good time, why not let your friends know? Maybe they'd like to have a good time too.

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