1/23/2021 14:03

Version 2.0

1/23/2021 13:48

Dog eye version one

1/9/2021 14:36

New editions to our masterpiece

12/31/2020 13:48

Another hour and a half and Rocky is starting to have fur.

12/29/2020 7:47

Super hard to put your baby out into the world for critique but it’s time to see if this spruce goose flies. 10 prototypes heading out to families with a total of 17 kids. Now I hold my breath until April.

12/26/2020 14:59

But now that I have a drafting table side car drink and stuff holder, there’s no excuse to not finish up this drawing.

12/26/2020 14:58

More dog. Baby steps. I’m calling him Rocky because it’s been a rocky start to this drawing. 🤣

12/22/2020 19:46

The store was out of Christmas color icing but since my cookies look like a 2 year old iced them with their eyes closed, I don’t think the color makes much difference.

12/21/2020 7:49

Christmas week! Looking forward to a peaceful week of "comfort and joy".

12/20/2020 16:50

Ready to ship!

12/20/2020 16:24

Some assembly required...

12/20/2020 16:23

The last box feely! 😜

12/20/2020 14:08

Beginnings of a shaggy dog

12/20/2020 12:29

Hot chocolate break... 🥰

12/19/2020 18:23

The pile is growing! Just one more item to make for inside the box and it's a stinker!

12/19/2020 16:40

Building prototypes!

12/19/2020 16:37

My On the QT adventure!😀

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