6/14/2021 15:57

What remarkable and delightful weather. And it looks like it's set to continue into the week 😃

6/2/2021 11:13

From the fuchsia 😲

5/14/2021 23:32

"In this quirky, character-driven drama based on the book of Ecclesiastes..." Wait... 🙃 what?

4/22/2021 11:18

Double flavor pack!? An auspicious turn of events.

4/22/2021 9:10

Oh, good. It was!

4/19/2021 13:10

“Print time left: 10.5 days” Hopefully that’s mistaken 😅

4/13/2021 13:50

I put the door up to let some smoke clear out (don't ask) but now that I see the view I can't bear to put it down.

4/5/2021 18:31

Wow! We got some good convective thunderstorms today ⛈

4/3/2021 11:39

What's luck for if not to be pushed?

3/27/2021 15:01

I thought from the sound it was the bearing... but actually it was just busted right two in half.

3/24/2021 17:44

Not the nicest weather we've had this week, but plenty good enough for an after-dinner walk.

3/17/2021 14:38

It’s simple arithmetic: ICE + BEER = ICE COLD BEER

3/15/2021 15:04

Got all my drawers glued up. Must be time for tea 😀

3/13/2021 15:55

There's just never enough clamps.

3/10/2021 13:47

The workbench project is coming along, slowly...

3/3/2021 8:54

Looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day here.

3/3/2021 8:50

Getting warmer...

3/1/2021 12:30

That wind today 🌬🥶

2/22/2021 16:10

Got something brewing here...

2/16/2021 8:28

“Remote scones as a service: telescone dynamics.” That’s yours, you can run with it.

2/15/2021 8:28

Definitely not just a “turn it off and back on” deal. 😟 Looks like the intake had collected some blowing snow this time, maybe too small of a mesh screen? Otherwise it could be any of a million things: exhaust blowing back into the intake, low gas pressure, fouled burner, ... Guess I’ll try one thing at a time.

2/13/2021 16:06

Getting started on a workbench. Pretty burly 😀

2/13/2021 16:05

Heat was out when we got to the clubhouse today. 🥶 Checked the troubleshooting steps on the boiler but didn't find anything amiss. Fired it back up and it's running fine. Just a "turn it off and back in again" kinda deal? 🤔

2/8/2021 16:04

Got some of this fancy BASF filament to try out for making jigs and tooling. 👨‍🔬

2/6/2021 15:03

It’s like someone flipped a switch and all of a sudden it’s winter 😲

2/4/2021 15:25

Just about caught up on editing my YT videos... didn’t realize how much that was weighing on me 😅

1/23/2021 13:56

Made up a li’l extension cord.

1/16/2021 23:30

Kind of a uni-tasker, but it makes delicious dogs.

1/9/2021 12:29

Comfy chair: engage!

1/4/2021 19:26

Something about building carts lately... this one came in fewer pieces. So that was nice. 😀

1/3/2021 20:24

Snack time!

1/3/2021 11:08

Got some parts! Just waiting on PCBs to come in...

1/2/2021 15:19


1/1/2021 16:44

Got a nice walk in this morning before the storm hit, wrote code and drank tea this afternoon, and now the house smells like bacon 😃

12/31/2020 15:53

You can buy half a pie 😲 Truly we live in an age of wonders!

12/31/2020 14:44

And... the bill came. Yow! Money well spent, though.

12/28/2020 12:09

Wow! Shipping electronics to Brazil is no joke... glad I learned how to do that, but can’t say I’m excited for the bill to come 😅

12/26/2020 15:30

Feedin' the turkeys... gobble gobble!

12/26/2020 13:23


12/26/2020 11:59

Some assembly required

12/25/2020 8:39

A white Christmas 😀☃️

12/24/2020 9:53

I think we’ve got the puzzle solved on the misfire in the plow truck... just waiting on a package from my friends at Summit Racing.

12/22/2020 19:04

"Transportation is a good way to get around."

12/21/2020 13:57

Tea time can’t come soon enough today 🥱

12/21/2020 10:24

Bad dates!

12/21/2020 10:20

Man! Still gotta run the gas out of the lawnmower. Can’t believe I let it go until this late in the year.

12/21/2020 9:58

No bubbles, no troubles!

12/20/2020 15:29

What a gloomy day... but the sun came out for tea time 😀 ☕️

12/20/2020 12:29

Ready for winter 🥶

12/19/2020 16:23

Gonna have to wrap this up; almost out of tea.

12/19/2020 16:17

Operators are standing by.

12/19/2020 16:11

Trying out this microblog thing...

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